Participation in individual and group exhibitions:

2001 – an exhibition on the ZPAP’s 50th anniversary (Lubusz Museum) in Zielona Góra
2002 – an individual sculpture exhibition
2002 – “Salon Jesienny” (“Autumn’s Salon”), BWA*, Gorzów Wielkopolski
2003 – XII Youth Vernissage, Galeria Młodych (Youth Gallery), GA, Cracow
2003 - “Salon Jesienny” (“Autumn’s Salon”), BWA, Zielona Góra
2004 – “Sacrum”, BWA, Gorzów Wielkopolski, Paradyż
2004 – XIV International Sculpture Biennial, Poznań
2007 - “Salon Jesienny” (“Autumn’s Salon”), BWA, Zielona Góra
2008 – “betweenus”a group exhibition, Pro Arte Gallery, Zielona Góra
2008 – a group exhibition, The Polish Art Salon 2008, “POZNAJ ZMIANY” (Acknowledge the changes), Poznań

More important accomplishments :

2005 – the ma king of scenography for an “Wesoła Wdówka” (Happy Widow) operetta , Austria
2006-07 – (Braunschweiger Quadriga) enlarging and carving the biggest “Kwadryga” in Europe (app. 9,5m high) on the basis of Ernest Rietschel models from 1863. The sculpture can be found in Brunszwik, Germany, in the Schloss Arkaden palace.